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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has had a great decade. Over the years, the game has built a very intricate virtual economy around its weapon skins. Rarer variants of certain guns can go up for sale for as much as thousands of dollars. Let’s talk about the Desert Eagle, and while it does have expensive skins, we’re going to be talking about the best skin you can get under $20, which is the Midnight Storm.

Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm

Do you know why Desert Eagle Midnight Storm is so great? It can be bought for less than $20, even in its Factory New exterior. Moreover, with its overall design, it feels like premium skin. Its body is painted with a wavy pattern that resembles traditional Japanese paintings. It has a blue metallic paint that gives it a very polished look.

Price: $22.61 (Factory New), $19.22 (Minimal Wear), $19.34 (Field-Tested), $19.89 (Well-Worn), and $19.48 (Battle-Scarred).

The Float Value of the Desert Eagle can range between 0.00 and 0.75. This means that the gun is available for purchase in all versions. There are slight signs of damage even in the Factory New exterior. At maximum wear, half of the paint layer has worn off. Depending on the pattern index, you can also get different patterns on your gun.

Where to Get Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm

From Third-Party Trading Websites

You might be confused as to how the prices we’ve listed above are below $20 since the Steam community market’s cheapest listing shows that Midnight Storm costs roughly $21.

As it turns out, you can purchase weapon skins for CS:GO from third-party platforms. By doing so, you’ll be able to get skins at a relatively cheaper rate compared to Steam.

Through the Steam Marketplace

As we mentioned above, you can get Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm by finding a listing for yourself on the Steam marketplace. While this is definitely the fastest method to get your hands on skin, it may be less cost-effective.

Trading With Players

The CS: GO online community is fairly active, and you’ll find players trading items left and right every single day. All you need to do is join a few Discord communities and see if someone is interested in trading out their Midnight Storm.

Note: Please beware of shady websites and scammers, as not everyone can be trusted. Certain phishers will try to lure you out of your inventory at times, so it’s best to trust only reputable websites and thoroughly check trade windows while making exchanges.


Now, you’ve got the best options available to get yourself a Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm skin. If it piques your interest, it may be time to upgrade your favorite hand cannon after all.


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