The Essentials: Retaining Talent

The Essentials: Retaining Talent

by Bloomberg Stocks
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April 04, 2022

Every manager worries at some point that their best employees are eyeing the door. What can you do to convince your team members to stay? How do you assess whether they’re engaged? What actions can you take and conversations can you have to head off thoughts of leaving? And when a valuable employee says they have another job offer, will countering really keep them around?

Two managers share their approaches to retention and some lessons they’ve learned. One leads a team dedicated to retaining employees thinking about quitting, and the other has pushed herself to understand what motivates her direct reports. We discuss tactics you can use to help the people you manage feel valued and like they have a future at your organization.


Rachel Spivey leads Google’s Stay & Thrive team.

Kate Tyler is a manager at Shell.


  • “How to Keep Your Top Talent,” by Jean Martin and Conrad Schmidt
  • “5 Questions Every Manager Needs to Ask Their Direct Reports,” by Susan Peppercorn
  • “To Retain Employees, Support Their Passions Outside Work,” by Lauren C. Howe et al.
  • “What to Do If Your Employees Keep Getting Poached,” by Art Markman
  • “How Teams Are Retaining Employees Right Now,” by Cannon Thomas and Laura Delizonna

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