The Home Business Boom


The home business industry has seen a stupendous growth over these years. To millions of people across the world, it has provided a high awareness potential with great tax advantages, residual income that is unheard of in any other business model and a lifestyle that they have always wished for. The investors on the Wall Street are silently observing it, top notch traditional companies have adopted its wonderful model, and the experts and the media have only been writing unstoppably about the tremendous power of the revolutionary shift that has happened over the decades.

According to the economist Paul Zane Pilzer, multi-level marketing is already more than a 100 billion dollar industry, expected to grow to trillion dollars by 2010. The Fortune magazine writes – it's an investor's dream and an industry with steady annual growth, healthy cash flows, and long-term prospects for global expansion.

Home business has given people a huge opportunity to generate incomes with low risks and financial commitments. People in this business have advantages that no other business can provide – it is a travel free, time saving and schedule free business that has been adopted by them for its unique mechanism. It is a source of alternative income that people have explored to make the right use of their capabilities.
Log on to [] and find more valuable information in the Wellness Revolution DVD and a CD from the economist and best-selling author Paul Zane Pilzer on 'The Next Trillion'. It tells you how the fortunes of the new millennium will be created in the Wellness Industry.

People have looked beyond the ordinary aspects while moving into the network marketing businesses. It is the financial independence that they have been craving for which they could find in here.
Paul Zane Pilzer informs that close to 13 million Americans and another 57 million people in different parts of the world are currently involved in this business. The industry has seen a magnificent growth in the past two decades with about 80% growth in the last decade alone. The figure for the US market itself is approximately 30 billion dollars and a total of 105 billion dollars worldwide. Paul, in his book – 'The Next Millionaires', goes on to say that in the next ten years (starting 2006), there would be 10 million new millionaires in the US alone!

With the rapid changes happening in the economies of the nations, survival is getting increasingly difficult by each passing year. Network marketing has come as a reply to people looking for a back-up career. For many others, it has provided a ground to unearth their own unused talents.


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