The Internet Reacts To Pokemon Scarlet And Violet’s Adorable New Starters


A new Pokemon game is scheduled for release later this year, and with the reveal of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s adorable new starters, it was only a matter of time until fanart of them went online. Pokemon fans are an artistic collective, and when faced with a game that makes you choose between a grass kitty, a potential lawsuit from Donald Duck, and Fuecoco the friendly Fire-type crocodile, you can bet your Poke Bucks that you’re going to get some fine art uploaded.

The Pokemon fandom hasn’t disappointed on this front, as art of Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly has begun rolling out. Some of it captures the energetic cuteness of the new Fire, Grass, and Water-type trio, some of it is just plain weird, and everything else is a fantastic collection of illustrative fun.


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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be out later this year, and if you’re looking to see which pocket monsters have made the cut, you can check out our feature on every confirmed Pokemon in the game so far.

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