The Most Popular Motorsports on the Planet

by Lily White
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Due to the worldwide pandemic, there haven’t been all that many sporting events as there used to be before it. However, TV viewers could still enjoy the speed and velocity of their favorite motorsports.

Regardless of vehicle type, motorsports fill us with adrenaline and wonder as we see one of man’s greatest inventions being put to the test on some of the most intricate fields out there. Now let’s look at the top motorsports on the planet and try to understand their appeal to the mass audience.

Formula 1

F1 is by far the most renowned motorsport on the planet. Who hasn’t heard of Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton? Chances are you’ve heard these names even if you haven’t watched a single Formula 1 event in your entire life.

The single-seat cars that you see in these events are some of the fastest vehicles in the world, if not the absolute fastest. They’re completely legal only on authorized race tracks, and there’s no legal way you can get one on the streets no matter how much some of you might be tempted to do so. Okay, fair enough, there was one model in 2016 that was put for sale.

But even if you could, very few people could afford one, as the price of such a vehicle can easily reach $400 million.


Cars are brilliant, but let’s shift our focus to motorcycles for a second, as MotoGP is undoubtedly one of the most popular motorsports. They say that MotoGP is the Grand Prix of motorbike racing, and we couldn’t agree more.

Although it’s held solely on-road tracks, it’s still as entertaining as it gets. And those who want to see some off-road action can always look forward to MotoGP’s sister show, namely Motocross. But regardless of such concepts, the point still stands: MotoGP is one hell of a popular motorsport.


The top-watched motorsport series on any North American TV is NASCAR. It’s not even a competition anymore, it’s really that popular in the US. and if you were wondering why you keep seeing NASCAR written in full caps, it’s because it’s an acronym. It stands for “National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.”

Furthermore, television coverage of the sport is worth upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars, coming close to non-motorsports events such as the Superbowl, FIFA World Cup, or UEFA Champions League.

Monster Truck Racing

Well, if you can’t go big, go huge. That’s the basic philosophy behind Monster Truck Racing. Sure, it doesn’t have as many loyal fans as NASCAR, Formula 1, or MotoGP for that matter. However, it has a certain appeal that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Monster trucks. While the regular event consists of a race, others also include a freestyle competition where entrants must put on a performance that consists of doing a variety of stunts. These can include obstacle jumps, doughnuts, wheelies, and other interesting tricks.

Le Mans 24-Hour Race

If you’ve seen the relatively recent Ford v Ferrari film, then you know how thrilling this race can get. A whole day and night of racing around the track while trying to keep the engine under control and your mind focused on the action. A single slip can damage your whole career in more ways than one. Now that’s excitement!

The Bottom Line

Motorsports are incredible. Their entertainment value can’t be overstated, and their contribution to our cultural heritage is huge. While many people still prefer non-motor sporting events such as football, hockey, tennis, and similar activities, one cannot deny the impact that F1, MotoGP, or NASCAR have had on our culture.

For what it’s worth, we encourage people to go and watch these events so that they too can enjoy the outstanding performances of people like Michael Schumacher or Austin Cindric. They are just as entertaining as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. That we can guarantee!

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