The new Among Us hat looks like 💩


The ‘chocolate ice cream hat’ will arrive alongside the new Airship map on March 31st

Among Us chocolate ice cream hat

Among Us has a big update coming out, which will include a poop hat.

Well, technically, it’s a “chocolate ice cream hat.” So says the official Among Us Twitter account, which cheekily notes that the hat “definitely does not look like anything else.”

It looks like poop.


another free hat coming with the update!

🫠chocolate ice cream ðŸ«

definitely does not look like anything else!! just pure chocolate ice cream!!! 🙂

— Among Us âœˆï¸ weekend! i sleep!! (@AmongUsGame) March 26, 2021

The update arrives on March 31st and will feature a new Airship map with new tasks to complete, a preliminary account system and new cosmetics, including the aforementioned chocolate ice cream poop hat.

I, for one, can’t wait to adorn my virtual skull with some delicious chocolate ice cream.

Source: @AmongUsGame (Twitter)

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