The PlayStation 5 Has Now Outsold The Nintendo 64 In The UK

The PlayStation 5 Has Now Outsold The Nintendo 64 In The UK

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Despite ongoing stock shortages, the PlayStation 5 has just passed a new sales milestone in the UK, overtaking the classic Nintendo 64 in lifetime sales. The PS5 is also closing in on the Game Boy Advance, while the Xbox Series X|S is still behind its competitor, having surpassed the GameCube in sales.

The figures come from head Christopher Dring, who posted the stats in a tweet–adding that we’d most likely be seeing more records broken if there was more stock available, and that it’s likely to be a long console generation.

PS5 is now bigger than the N64 in the UK, and is closing in on the GBA. Xbox Series S/X overtook the GameCube a few months back. If only there was more stock, we’d be seeing some serious records breaking here. Long generation ahead

— Christopher Dring (@Chris_Dring) April 5, 2022

In terms of global sales, both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X|S are sitting behind the Gamecube, with the PS5 still just shy of 20 million units sold. In a comparison of the consoles’ first year of sale, the PS5 is selling slower than the PS4, though not for lack of interest. While stock is still hard to come by, Sony has said that it’s selling every console it makes, which won’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s tried to get their hands on one.

Since the new-generation consoles released in late 2020, ongoing chip shortages have severely affected stock, with demand consistently outpacing supply. In an update on stock shortages late last year, Sony reiterated that it was “laser-focused” on addressing the issue, with getting more consoles out remaining a top priority at the company.

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