The Walking Dead Season 11: A New Trailer Arrives At Comic-Con


During the Comic-Con 2021 panel for The Walking Dead, we finally got to see a new trailer for Season 11–which will be the final season of the series. Of course, there’s a lot to break down with what’s coming up on the final season, which premieres on AMC on Sunday, August 22 at 9 PM/8 PM CT.

If you’ve been keeping up with the show, and happened to follow the comic book series, the show is leading towards the Commonwealth. It’s a town that seems perfect, and it’s the most advanced and seemingly civil place the survivors have come across. Check out the trailer below.

Without getting into too many spoilers from the comics, which will most likely be incorporated into the story, Michael James Shaw will be joining the season as Mercer, the leader of the Commonwealth military. You may know Shaw from his work in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame as Corvus Glaive.

“This experience has been a joy,” explained Shaw during the panel. “Especially coming off last year, this was like a silver lining at the end of the tunnel. Awkward kid who loved to read comic books, getting to step into the shoes of a really awesome comic character is just a dream.”

Shaw went on to talk about his first day on set. “Man, I was about to s*** a brick. It was daunting, you know, stepping into this huge machine, but there was a lot of love from the cast and crew, and they welcomed me with open arms. It was great to step into a family. It’s a beautiful thing.”

It’s been a big day for Walking Dead fans, as Fear of the Walking Dead Season 7 got a release date and new clip, and World Beyond Season 2 got a release date and new clip as well. And while Season 11 may be the final season for the main Walking Dead series, this won’t be the end of the stories of these characters. There are Walking Dead movies coming with Andrew Lincoln reprising his role as Rick Grimes, and Walking Dead comic creator gave a small update about how pre-production was going.

In 2023, there will be a new spin-off series focusing on Daryl and Carol. The show will be co-created by Angela Kang and Scott Gimple. Additionally, Gimple is working on an anthology series called Tales of Walking Dead. It’s unknown when that show will hit TV at this time.

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