There’s Now A Wordle-Style Battle Royale Game

There’s Now A Wordle-Style Battle Royale Game

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The number of games inspired by Wordle seems to get larger every day, with that list now including dungeon crawler Dungleon, the rude-words-only Lewdle, the Swiftie-themed Taylordle, and now a battle royale game called Squabble, as picked up by Polygon.

Squabble, developed by Ottomated, takes the chill, once-per-day formula of the original Wordle and turns it into a hectic battle to the death, with up to 99 players competing to guess the most correct words. With other player’s color-coded guesses visible in real time, Squabble rewards rapid-fire typing over well-considered words.

Rather than players being eliminated upon failing to guess an answer, the game instead gives each player HP. Your HP goes down at a regular rate of 1 per second, and you also take damage for incorrect answers. Making a correct guess will deal damage to other players and heal your own HP. The winner, like in other battle royale games, is the last player left standing.

You can choose between two modes in Squabble–Blitz, for 2-5 players, and Battle Royale for anywhere from 6 to 99 players. You can invite friends to join you using a room code, or just play with whoever Squabble matches you up to.

The game’s rapid-fire pace requires a different approach to regular Wordle, but is just as addictive–with no daily limit on how much you can play.

This isn’t the first time a game has mixed up the battle royale genre with a word game, surprisingly. Late last year developer Everybody House Games released Babble Royale into early access, mixing up a traditional Scrabble-style game board with the battle royale genre’s intense competitive warfare.

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