This Breezy Pajama Set Is My New Go-To for Summer

This Breezy Pajama Set Is My New Go-To for Summer

by Sue Jones
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Have you ever taken a shower and then gently eased your way into a bed of clean, crisp linen? Or stretched so deeply that you felt much calmer after? That’s exactly how I feel every time I slip on the Gisele Relaxed Short Set from the sleep and lingerie experts at Eberjey (one of my and SELF readers’ favorite PJ brands). Not only do I feel a lot more mentally relaxed with a complete set versus messy separates hastily thrown together before bed, but the overall buttery soft comfort of these pieces makes my transition into a deep sleep that much more seamless.

The name of the streamlined pajama set says it all: Relaxed. Normally, when it comes to my sleep wardrobe, I’m the type of person who throws on an oversized college T-shirt and hopes for the best. And when I do buy real pajamas, I’m usually stuck with stiff, itchy, tag-prodding PJs that leave me with an awkward wedgie or irritated skin. But this set from Eberjey is completely different.

Maybe it’s the sophisticated, button-up shirt with its built-in pocket square, but there’s something about these PJs that feels more adult than most of the clothes I’ve worn to bed before. The set’s flowy shorts are the perfect warm-weather alternative to my tried-and-true pajama pants, partly because they allow my legs to breathe. The shorts also have a super stretchy elastic waistband that doesn’t dig into my sides mid-sleep, and they’re a comfy mid-length that encourages plentiful airflow without revealing too much when I bend over. 

Perhaps best of all—did I mention how ridiculously soft this pajama set is? Thanks to its fabric—which is made with earth-friendly TENCEL Modal (sustainably harvested wood pulp)—these PJs feel lightweight and cool to the touch, perfect for hot summer nights and sweaty sleepers everywhere, like me. I love this snooze-friendly set so much that I’m strongly considering buying one in every color (it comes in nine) for consistent, summer-ready sleepwear that keeps getting a soothing night’s rest in mind.

My Eberjey PJs truly help make going to bed a joy. They actually inspire me to develop more of an intentional bedtime routine that complements my grown-up sleepwear; instead of just brushing my teeth, throwing my curls into a pineapple updo, and wearing whatever I pull out of my dresser first, now I take time to wind down with a good book or podcast before hitting the hay. This sophisticated take on PJs truly is dreamy—don’t be surprised if they become my new nighttime uniform.


Eberjey Gisele Relaxed Short PJ Set

This lightweight, two-piece pajama set feels buttery soft, and features cool-to-the-touch TENCEL fabric that’s perfect for summer.


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