This Is My Beloved Lifestyle – Traditional Lifestyle



Different people have different lifestyles. Recently, a survey conducted among our company, 80% found it impossible to make ends meet. There are many factors affecting the result. Such as different people have different lifestyles, different opinions about things, coming from different regions and so on. But in my opinion, I prefer the traditional lifestyle.

There is an old saying, "A lifestyle is a mirror of one's spirit of life." So choosing a basic life is very important. First of all, from my point of view, a working and saving lifestyle is a reflection of one's positive attitude. As we all know, the world is of instability. To save for a rainy day is never out of date, which can secure a comfort and carefree life in our old age. In our Chinese traditional culture, parents tell their children to be frugal since they were born, they plan their children future as well as they were born. This culture lasts for about five thousand years. So in this case, to save and prepare for the future is a wise choice.
In the next place, working and saving is a process of enjoying life. A philosopher once said, "Work banishes three great evils: boredom, vice and poverty." Working is a process of enjoying. For example, you can make more friends by working with others, you can learn a full knowledge about your major, you can experience another life which you have not experienced before. Working plays an important role in our life, for most people, is more than a necessity. it is the focus of their life, the source of their identity and creativity. People work hard and as a result, they earn a lot of money, and at last they enjoy life. working hard and saving makes people feel fulfilled and build self-reliance.

Moreover, working hard and saving contributions a great to one's family and society. People can satisfify their family members with their savings. Another example is that, a nation's development can not do without material and wealth accumulation. We often heard some people donate their money to an earthquake happened countries, how this happen if they did not save money and work hard.

In a word, the advantages of having a traditional lifestyle are much greater than the advantages we gained from the modern one. The whole society has the responsibility of educating young people, whether for the development of the society or for the individual individual life. We should have a positive life attitude and a responsible lifestyle. This is my beloved lifestyle.



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