This Workout for Back Pain Only Takes 15 Minutes

This Workout for Back Pain Only Takes 15 Minutes

by Sue Jones
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It’s probably a safe bet that at some point in your adult life, you’ve experienced back pain or discomfort. Whether from a tough workout, lifting something heavy incorrectly, or just from sitting in a chair all day—we’ve all been there. If that’s the case, this workout for back pain is for you. In only 15 minutes, you can stretch out and activate the muscles you need to prevent discomfort and stay nice and mobile.

As part of our Sweat With SELF series, this workout comes with a fun, instructional video, this time starring Taylor and Justin Norris, cofounders of the LIT Method. LIT stands for low-impact training—and that’s exactly what their method is all about. In both this workout video and any other routine Justin and Taylor teach in their classes, there is no jumping, running, or weights. So if you’re also dealing with knee pain, recovering from an injury, or just simply don’t enjoy jumping, this is the workout for you. This sequence uses a foam roller, but if you don’t have one handy, you can skip those moves. (And if you’re looking to invest in one, we highly recommend these.)

The best way to improve back pain is by working on your hip mobility and core strength, SELF previously explained. Your hips and lower back are connected, and since your lower back is a part of your core, strengthening all of the muscles in that area will help support your back and prevent muscle strain and pain.

That’s why in this workout for back pain, you’ll be strengthening your glutes, stretching out those hamstrings, twisting your spine, and activating your core. Watch the free workout video below, or keep scrolling to read directions for each move along with GIF demos of each.


Do each move for 1 minute, or 30 seconds on each side.



  • Alternating Hamstring Touches
  • Hamstring Stretch Pulse
  • Alternating Toe Taps
  • Good Morning


  • Knee Tuck With Slow Rock
  • Supine Single-Leg Stretch (Repeat on Each Side)
  • Glute Bridge
  • Single-Leg Glute Bridge (Repeat on Each Side)
  • Knee Tucks With Slow Rock
  • Glute Bridge With Pulse
  • Glute Bridge March


  • Reclined Supine Twist
  • Supine Twist With Leg Extension (Then Repeat Both on the Other Side)
  • Seated Spinal Twist (Repeat on Each Side)
  • Bird-Dog (Repeat on Each Side)

Foam Rolling

  • Hip Roll-Out (Repeat on Each Side)
  • IT Band Roll-Out (Repeat on Each Side)

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