Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Also Has Illusory Walls, Apparently

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Also Has Illusory Walls, Apparently

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If you’re taking a break from Elden Ring to check out Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, it turns out you may need to stay in the habit of checking for illusory walls. Polygon writer Mike Mahardy discovered the false wall in Wonderlands, while looking for one of the game’s Lucky Dice.

Illusory walls, a well-known feature in FromSoftware games, have been a popular topic of discussion since a player found an illusory wall in Elden Ring that takes up to 50 strikes to break through. Likely a glitch of some sort, most illusory walls in FromSoft games take only a single hit to open, or require a special item to unlock.


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While it’s tempting to look at Wonderlands’ illusory walls as a last-minute reference to Elden Ring, it’s most likely just luck that Elden Ring’s impossibly sturdy fake wall blew up just before the Borderlands spin-off release. While the term illusory wall is most strongly linked to FromSoft games, the concept has a long history in video games going back to hidden passages in Wolfenstein 3D and Doom.

According to a Vice feature on the history of illusory walls, it’s likely the name was originally inspired by spell descriptions in early Dungeons and Dragons handbooks. The concept of false walls likewise sees a lot of use in TTRPGs, which makes sense for Wonderlands, a game set within a tabletop campaign of Tiny Tina’s creation.

Luckily for Wonderlands players, the hidden walls in this game are easier to find than those in Elden Ring, with a “melee” prompt popping up when players move close to one. In the cases where those walls hide Lucky Dice, players will also be able to follow obvious audio prompts to find the useful collectible.

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