Top Classroom Management Strategies – Learn How to Keep the Attention of Your Students



Students minds will often wander to other things while they are in the classroom. They will often think about the ballgame Friday night or some other activity they have going on in their lives. It is the teachers job to bring these students back into the lesson, and get them involved. In order to get where you can keep your students attention in the classroom you need to learn the following classroom management strategies.

Many teachers will teach the same way every day without mixing up their teaching styles. A top classroom management strategy many experienced teachers use is to mix up their teaching style. A teacher that is always talking and not getting the kids involved in the learning will have some that will lose interest. A good way to keep students interest is to get the kids involved in the lesson. If you feel a certain student is not listening put them on the spot, and ask them questions regarding the lesson.

The fairness cup strategy is a good classroom management strategy that will keep all your students on their toes. They will not know who will be called on and it could be anyone in the class. The fairness cup strategy s done by writing each students name on a Popsicle stick and placing them in a coffee can. During the lesson draw a stick from the cup and ask that student to answer a question. This is a good strategy for making sure you involve all the students not just the ones that always want to answer.

There are many more classroom management strategies but changing your teaching style and using a fairness cup will be a good step toward getting and keeping your students attention.



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