Town Council Meeting Mar 7 2018

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In-Camera Session: Personnel
0:03:08 Proclamations
a) March 8th International Women’s Day
b) March 11th World Plumbing Day
0:04:05 Delegations:
a) Roy O’Donnell – Christmas Decoration Group
0:11:47 Action Required:
a) Lewis Jackson – Letter – 100th Anniversary Armistice Day
0:17:00 For Information:
b) Municipal Modernization UNSM – Update
c) Debi Hill – Email – Policing Proposal
d) FCM – Budget Highlights 2018
e) Rebecca Acker & Wayne Langthorne – Letter – Policing Proposal
f) Offshore Oil Development – Public Session Invitation

Council Items
0:18:22 a) Mayor Mattatall – Drought Planning
0:21:34 b) Mayor Mattatall – Annual Strategic Plan Review
0:31:43 c) Mayor Mattatall – 2017 Resident Survey Draw Winner
0:32:52 d) Mayor Mattatall – Proposed Joint Meeting
0:42:10 e) Mayor Mattatall – Westfor

Committee Reports
0:45:24 a) Community Participation & Volunteerism Committee
0:57:55 b) Shelburne Port Authority Committee

Staff Reports
0:59:30 a) 2018 Report Card
1:01:47 b) Staff Report – Support for Societies Policy
1:01:14 c) Staff Report – Website Policy

1:04:59 New Business

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