Twitter launches full-sized uncropped images on iOS and Android


The social media giant started testing out the feature in March


Twitter is rolling out full-sized uncropped image previews on mobile for both iOS and Android users.

Users will no longer have to worry about how an image will show up in people’s timelines based on how Twitter decides to crop it.

no bird too tall, no crop too short

introducing bigger and better images on iOS and Android, now available to everyone

— Twitter (@Twitter) May 5, 2021

The social media giant started testing out the feature in March. Prior to the change, Twitter would automatically crop images to make them appear in a condensed and cohesive manner on timelines.

This approach had led to some problems. Last year, the social media giant investigated a possible racial bias in its photo preview algorithm after users found that photo previews appeared to favour white faces over Black faces when automatically cropping images.

It’s worth noting that this change will ruin the popular ‘open for a surprise’ meme on Twitter.

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