Type 2 Diabetes – Preparing For The Holiday Eating Season


It may be tempting for people with Type 2 diabetes to imagine simply taking their prescribed medications or injecting insulin will take care of their health issue. But diabetes is a disease for which medication alone is not enough. Type 2 diabetes needs to be supported by a healthy diet, exercise and the appropriate medications. Right from the time of diagnosis, you have been eating healthy foods and taking in more exercise. But what do you do when it comes to the holiday season?

'Holiday Eating Season' – while it may not be an official term, you can rest assured there is such a thing. From late fall into the new year, you are going to have eating-focused event after event.

Whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, work parties, or otherwise, food is the central focus. This can cause much anxiety if you have been taking steps to improve your diet.

How will you ever manage to stay on track?

Going in with a game plan is the best thing you can do to ensure you are not going to completely derail your diabetic eating plan as the season gets underway.

Here are some quick tips …

1. Plan Ahead. First, plan ahead. You will likely know your schedule of events well ahead of time, so be sure you plan ahead and think about which ones you will not indulge at – and which ones you will.

Having a seasonal item once in a while while is fine as long as you stay on course the rest of the time. That is key. Everything you eat should be chosen with moderation in mind.

If you plan which events you will allow yourself some room to eat what you crave, then you can feel better at the other events when you say 'no' and stick to foods on your healthy food menu.

2. Lose A Little Extra Weight. The next smart tip to consider is to lose a little extra weight before you start on your holiday eating. By going into the holiday season three to four pounds lighter than you normally maintain, if you do get some weight, you'll just break even.

Often this is the easiest way for many people as then they do not have to be quite so restrictive as the season progresses.

3. Freeze Bulk Batches Of Healthy Food. Finally, also consider cooking up a large batch of healthy food and then freezing as many servings as you can. You will get busy during the holiday season and this can often mean having to eat on the go.

Eating on the go is often going to lead to less than healthy food choices, so freezing healthy food ahead will help to keep both your blood sugar and weight under control.

Simply take the food out of the freezer, microwave, and you're set.

So keep these tips in mind as you enter the months ahead. Plan properly and you will not have to worry about high blood sugar levels and weight gain.


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