UK And Republic of Ireland’s Expression of Interest in Hosting the Euro 2028

by Lily White
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The Football Associations of England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales submitted a joint Expression of Interest (EOI) to host UEFA EURO 2028. The submission of this EOI is a critical step in the bidding process for EURO 2028. Moreover, it comes after a feasibility study that evaluates the hosting opportunities and local benefits of hosting international football tournaments.

Major football tournaments not only benefit the hosting nations but other stakeholders globally. One such group is the sports betting industry. During major soccer tournaments, a soccer betting fan can log into Betway’s top-rated sports betting app, and have access to all the prominent matches. In this sense, the EURO 2028 will be another opportunity for seasoned bettors to test their betting skills.

In the meantime, the UK, Scotland, and Welsh governments have confirmed their support for the submission of the EOI. On the other hand, Northern Ireland Executive is not holding formal meetings at the moment. Nonetheless, the officials continue to follow the process keenly. This special partnership allows the interested parties to take the next steps in their aspiration to stage a successful UEFA EURO.

UK and Ireland claim that EURO 2028 would be one of the most significant sporting events held in the region. Despite that, the coming together of these five nations offers something unique in the football world. For example, it offers the potential for an expanded tournament. Moreover, the prospective host nations stated that they are passionate about maximizing the sustainability and legacy benefits for the communities living in UK and Ireland.

They also revealed that they would develop their proposals further after UEFA has published the full technical specifications. This will include holding discussions with possible host cities and stadia to define the optimum tournament model. The UK and Ireland will provide an unmatched tournament from a technical perspective. For example, they boast modern, well-connected stadia and exceptional infrastructure. These strengths make this partnership ideal to host this major European football tournament.

The Scottish FA claimed that football has to do everything possible to demonstrate how the sport can be a force for good. They also claimed that they are resolute in their belief in the power of football to bring unity among the people. For now, they are eagerly waiting for UEFA to provide more tournament requirements. In the meantime, they continue in constructive dialogue with UEFA to advance their bid plans.

Ian Maxwell, the Scottish FA Chief Executive, stated that the confirmation of their joint EOI to host EURO 2028 illustrates their commitment to keeping up the momentum of Scottish football and the national team on the international stage.

Scotland also hopes to use this tournament as a milestone in their strategic plan dubbed “The Power of Football” as they aspire to host major tournaments to exhibit Scotland as a top-class football nation and venue. These developments will also attract sports betting companies like Betway to tap into the growing popularity of football in the nation.

Moreover, they claim that they will use this co-hosting as an opportunity to deliver on their other ambitions across the game. They also hope that hosting the tournament will help them reinforce the power of Scottish football.

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