Upcoming Outriders patch to fix cross-play and server connection issues

Upcoming Outriders patch to fix cross-play and server connection issues

by Lily White
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To People Can Fly’s credit, the studio has been very open about the game’s launch issues



If you’ve tried to play Outriders, People Can Fly’s recently released looter-shooter, at some point over the last few days, you likely encountered rampant server disconnecting issues, strange graphical glitches and broken cross-play.

Despite these problems, the game offers a compelling looter-shooter experience thanks to its impressive weapon and power customization, solid three-player co-op and focus on abilities. The developer has also been surprisingly candid about Outriders’ issues over the last few days, with the studio’s latest update revealing that a new patch is scheduled for “next week.” 

People Can Fly emphasizes that the game’s cross-play issues are the focus of the patch. Currently, console players can’t join PC players and vice versa. The developer also says that players should notice connectivity improvements and fewer crashes.

On top of the fixes, a “Community Appreciation Package’ is also on the way, though it’s unclear what will be included in it. The sorry-our-game-was-sort-of-broken-at-launch freebie will likely consist of a Legendary weapon or armour. People Can Fly says that a server-side balancing update that nerfs bullet abilities has also been released. For the full patch notes, follow this link.

I’ve played quite a bit of Outriders over the last few days and have enjoyed what I’ve experienced so far despite the game’s shortcomings. I’ll have more on Outriders in the coming weeks.

Outriders is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC and Stadia. The game is also part of Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service.

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