Virgin Plus offering $50 Visa Prepaid Card with its home internet plans


Virgin Plus is currently offering a free Visa Prepaid Card with all of its home internet plans.

The Bell flanker brand is giving a $50 Prepaid Visa Card with its $39 for 10Mbps, $45 for 25Mbps, $50 for 50Mbps and $60 for 100Mbps plans.

It’s worth noting that if you choose to go for the promotion, you have to maintain your account in Virgin Plus’ good standing for 60 days following installation, after which an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to register to redeem the card. Subscribers also must register the card online within 30 days of receiving the registration e-mail.

Following the steps, you’ll receive the prepaid card in two to four weeks. Each account can only claim one card.

You can access the offer online or by calling Virgin Mobile. Learn more about the promotion here.

Source: Virgin Plus

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