Watch Dogs: Legion Will Get Cross-Play And Cross-Gen Support, But Not Yet

Watch Dogs: Legion Will Get Cross-Play And Cross-Gen Support, But Not Yet

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Watch Dogs: Legion launched back in 2020, but it wasn’t complete, as online multiplayer was delayed until several months later. Though the game is available with cross-buy support between console generations, it doesn’t support cross-play or cross-generation play, but Ubisoft is planning to change this eventually.

The game’s official Twitter account confirmed this when replying to a fan’s request, saying that the development team will be adding it in a later update. It didn’t give a date for when this update will happen and based on the delays we’ve seen for Legion’s online mode already–it was originally set to come out months ago–Ubisoft Toronto is likely working to make sure it runs smoothly before moving on to adding more features.

While crossplay and cross-generation-play is currently not available for the Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode, the development team is working on adding this feature to the game with a later update.

— Watch Dogs: Legion (@watchdogsgame) March 14, 2021

The previous Watch Dogs games have both included multiplayer modes, as well, and they didn’t try to deliver the exact same experience as the single-player portion but with more people. In the original game, for instance, you could use a separate phone app to attempt to stop a player running around on the ground. It was a novel idea given the phone-hacking interface the series is known for.

The question remains for Legion, however, whether launching the mode this late will be enough to engage players who may have finished it months ago. Despite the “play as anyone” mechanic giving nearly endless possibilities, the main storyline is significantly shorter than Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which released around the same time.

Watch Dogs: Legion is one of several Ubisoft games that feature cross-buy support, meaning you can buy the PS4 copy and play it on PS5 or buy the Xbox One copy and play it on Xbox Series X. The same is not universally true for the reverse–the physical games with PS5 branding will only work on the newer consoles, but the Xbox game supports Smart Delivery, so it will work on either and automatically install the correct version.


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