Wealth In Online Business – Network Marketing


What is wealth, and how much wealth is there in doing business online? How much wealth is there, truly, in network marketing?

Wealth is simply the abundance of valuable material holdings or resources. Being wealthy is, "characterized by abundance", as defined by Webster's dictionary.

By entering into an online business, you are doing so to increase the income flow into your possession. By using the computer, you are running your business through several search engines that are networking together to spread your brand or service to millions around the world.

It has been said, "There is no better advertising than word of mouth". This is true even in this age of computers, television, and radio. The endorsement of your product or business, by a satisfied customer, says more to others than any ad ever will. It is important to remember that by doing an online business and network marketing you can reach prople around the world. The systems in place today are reaching customers and new associates while you sleep.

One by one, you meet new people that have bought your product or joined your organization or business. Each new person you have met has added to your wealth.

You may ask, "How did they add to my wealth, if they did not buy my product?" Simply because they can not afford your product does not mean that they have not added to your wealth. They may be the nicest people you have ever met, but do not have the income to buy your product. They may believe in your product and or business, so they tell their friends about it. This is word of mouth, or personal network marketing on you behalf.

If you are solely in business to do nothing but make money, can it be done here? Yes, it can be done; however, it is my opinion that you will lose it. You have not developed the contacts or business relationships necessary to maintain your wealth.

To realize the total wealth in your business, you will develop friendships all over the country and across borders. By helping the people you meet, you are building the greatest wealth you will ever have, friends.

Now, as you are making friends and associates, developing relationships, and helping others get what they want out of life, your income will grow. How much your income will grow will depend on how determined you are, and how deeply you believe in helping others get what they want.

The question now is, how deeply do you believe in helping others realize what they want out of life?


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