Weight Management = Healthy Lifestyle



If you maintain a healthy lifestyle approach in your day to day living, then weight management becomes synonymous. Healthy lifestyles that attribute to managing your weight consist of not only good eating habits, but a good regiment of exercise. You have to make the decision for the long term and stay away from all the fads you read and hear about. Weight management should be a way of life, something you can do without thinking. It’s based on making intelligent decisions about what you eat and how you exercise.

Diet and weight management are synonymous, but it doesn’t mean that you have to diet. What’s important to remember is that it’s what you put into your system that counts. Choosing better foods that fill you up more than other so you do not have to consume as much is important. Adding more protein in the morning with your breakfast will keep you satisfied longer to stave off that next meal or snack.

It also comes without saying that you have to learn to put smaller portions on your plate at mealtime. Over a period of time, your stomach will shrink and your system will adapt. When your system adjusts, then the old axiom “your eyes are bigger than your stomach” won’t apply. Your portions will match your needs. A little trick is to use a smaller plate. The perception it gives you is amazing! If you stick to it and maintain, then the process becomes automatic.

Who knows….you could become an expert at choosing healthy foods for weight management. Calorie watching isn’t as important as fat content, especially if you exercise. You can get the good fatty acids and Omega’s from natural fiber foods such as Chia and Salba seed. Non-dairy milk such as almond milk can help you in maintaining good health. It contains more vitamins and calcium that dairy milk and gives you great flavor without the fat content. Increasing fruit and vegetable intake, which have high water and fiber content, keep you fuller longer. Fiber is great for satiety.

Exercise for weight management does not have to be too vigorous to be effective. However the better the exercise, the better benefits on your body. If you don’t want the expense of a fitness club and personal trainers, then find you a good walking route. Decide on an amount of time (ie…30 minutes) to walk. As time passes, you distance will become greater during that time because your pace quickens. You can increase both as you get in better shape. You can use an inexpensive set of bands to help tone other parts of your physique. Generally speaking, weight management is best accomplished by moderate activity levels and a healthy food mentality.

Just remember that your weight management efforts have to be put into the context of “long term”. In order to successfully manage weight, you must regulate a healthy level of exercise and healthy eating habits until that lifestyle becomes “second nature” to you.

Create a motivation within yourself that you are going to become a healthy person. YOU are the only one that can accomplish what you want to be.



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