What to Look For in a Healthy Dessert Cookbook

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People are becoming more health conscious and for good reason. Being careless about food and nutrition not only can affect your weight and body image, but also poses serious health risks. Lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes are mostly caused by what we consume, so making the decision to correct our diets early can help a lot.

But for the health-conscious and even those who already have diabetes, great tasting food does not have to be a luxury of the past. There are now cookbooks that feature recipes that are both delicious and nutritious. Who says all healthy dishes have to taste like tofu?

It seems particularly tricky when it comes to desserts. When you think of sweets, you naturally think of sugar and calories-so the guilt associated with them. The words "sinful" and "decadent" have in fact become the best adjectives to describe the best and "baddest" of desserts.

In the past years, though, the use of artificial sweeteners as a substitute to sugar has become common. However, what most people do not know is that these artificial alternatives can also cause health problems. There are a number of healthy dessert recipes and cookbooks available online, but a lot of them may be using the same artificial sweeteners.

A real guilt-free dessert cookbook should recommend the use of natural sweeteners that are not only safe but also have added health benefits. There are in fact alternative natural sweeteners that can improve metabolism, boost the immune system, improve calcium absorption, lower cholesterol, and even enhance insulin sensitivity.

Aside from sugar substitutes, real guilt-free dessert recipes can teach you about other ingredients that can be replaced to make cakes, cookies, or brownies a lot healthier. High-glycemic flours can, for instance, be substituted with nut- or whole grain-based flour. As a result, you will get fiber-rich desserts that can help prevent gastrointestinal problems. And did you know that there are 11 types of flours you can use to make your desserts gluten-free?

For true dessert-lovers, however, richness and taste are almost as important as eating it guilt-free. When you pop in some crème brulee, for example, you would want it to be as satisfying as the best crème brulees you can buy from a restaurant.

There are now dessert recipes that have been developed through kitchen research that not only ensure nutrition but also deliver the desired "sinfulness" and "decadence" of a dessert. You will learn how to use the right amounts of ingredients to create sweet treats that are both delicious and no-guilty. There are actually ways of combining organic sweeteners that would match the sweetness of sugar without the unwanted calories. There are also healthier ingredients you can use to boost the sweetness and improve the texture of your dessert creations.

A great gratuit-free dessert cookbook should cover a wide selection of recipes, from everyday favorites like vanilla ice cream and muffins, to holiday desserts like pumpkin pie. Even restaurant favorites like soufflés and cheesecake have guilty-free versions. Now you can indulge yourself and your family with these sweet creations, knowing that you are serving desserts that are good for you.


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