What You Need to Know about Custom-made Bathroom Sinks


A sink is one centerpiece of the bathroom. It is important that it is practical and fits the style of your bathroom. It must be sustainable and aesthetically pleasing and fit all the constraints of space and your lifestyle. To choose the right custom made bathroom sink, there are several elements to consider: materials, size, and type of fixture.

Quality Materials

We recommend selecting a very strong and durable material. Pay attention to Aquatica tubs, which are made of quality materials. These sinks are easy to maintain because the use of the sink leads to splashes (hence, leaks) of water on the sink or joints. It is also essential to select a material that can withstand impact and, if these accidents occur, ensure that these breakdowns can be repaired.

Choosing the Right Size

It is essential to consider the size of your bathroom when planning the purchase of a custom sink. Start by measuring your current bathroom vanity table. The bathroom layout plays an important role in clarifying or partially dictating the size of the dressing-table that will fit the bathroom. The width of 15-27 inches is considered optimal. Such a bathroom sink is quite enough to comfortably perform hygienic procedures.

Choosing the Right Type of Attachment

It is difficult to navigate which type of sink is better. To make the right choice, you need to select one of the common sinks by type of attachment:

  • Console sink — the sink is placed on special brackets attached to the wall. All pipes are hidden in the wall.
  • Tulip sink — the sink is installed on a structure that rests on the floor. It hides the siphon and pipes. Very compact and impressive in appearance.
  • An overhead sink is installed on a countertop or drawer. It has extra storage space for toiletries, and the installation is easier than the inset on
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