Why Your Physical Store Needs Online Presence

Why Your Physical Store Needs Online Presence


We live in an electronic age at the moment. The Internet plays a major role in supporting the growth of technology and connectivity. Everyone with a smartphone or computer can access the Internet. If you don’t have an online presence for your brand, you’re losing out on a lot of attention.

Read on to understand how a website can help you get better brand recognition.

What Is Online Presence?

Whenever you come across something new, you’ll probably search online to find out more about it. The same applies to a brand. If your customer comes across your brand name, they’d want to find out more about it. Without a website, your customer won’t know what your brand is about, and ultimately, they’ll grow disinterested.

An online presence is more than a page that gives your customer your brand name and contact details. It’s like having a virtual version of your physical store. Typically, it should be loaded with information about you.

Why Get A Website?

A website is the only medium through which your customers can learn more about you, if not from social media like Facebook or Twitter. Once you own a website, you can update it with all your new ventures to attract customers. As long as you build website and actively maintaining it, you’re bound to get attention and traffic.


As we mentioned before, the Internet has a huge audience. Since it’s active all the time, your potential customers can view your website at any time according to their convenience.

According to a survey by Google, 73% of mobile searches lead to another action, and 55% of all purchases occur within one hour of a search. This proves that with an online presence, not only can you reach a greater audience, but can also sell a lot faster than traditional brick and mortar stores.


To put it bluntly, branding is building trust so that you can attract more customers. With a website, your customer can understand your products and services better. Once you add interactions on your website like customer reviews and comments, your customers get a chance to understand your brand better. As you start posting relevant content and increase your interaction with your customers, you leave a positive impact with them. This motivates them to make more purchases from your brand.

Reach People Everywhere, Everyday

With a large audience, you need to do everything you can to reach as many as possible. When a customer visits your page, give them a chance to connect to your website. You can do this by simply setting up a code that prompts them to subscribe to the latest news from your website and brand. Once they add their email addresses, you can send them updates, news, new launches, upcoming offers, and other things that they might be interested about. This way, you can constantly engage with your customers.

Easier Selling

If you’re operating a brick and mortar store, once you’ve made an establishment in the real world, think about selling your products on the virtual platform as well. It’s advisable to start this after you’ve established your physical store so that both processes don’t come across each other and that costs don’t affect you too much.

With an online platform, you can sell your products to people who don’t have time to buy from your physical stores. This will increase your sales and bring in more profits.


With several e-commerce website builders available on the market, you can build your e-commerce website without spending a fortune on a web designer. Here is a list of some of the best e-commerce website builders.

Your choice of a website builder depends on whether you want to host your website or have it done by the builder themselves. It is advisable that you use a hosted service so that you don’t have to worry about the hardware required. One of the best hosted website builders on the market is Shopify. They even have a logo maker and a domain name generator as a built-in feature.

With more people using the Internet, having a website is the best thing that you could do to boost your business. It can give you a lot of visibility and exponentially increase the number of customers that you can reach out to and do business with. In turn, this can increase your revenue as well. That can help you grow beyond your physical limitations.

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