Xbox Series X And Series S Box Design Has Been Revealed

Xbox Series X And Series S Box Design Has Been Revealed

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After a long period of silence on Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, we’re finally getting to know the Xbox Series S and Series X–some of it officially, some of it through leaks. The latest info to have been revealed is the retail box art for both consoles, which was tweeted out by Wario64, a prominent source of many of the recent Xbox leaks.

The good news is, while the names are easily confused, the box art isn’t. The Xbox Series X comes with classic Xbox green and black styling, while the Series S is predominantly white with just a green stripe at the bottom harking back to Xbox branding.

The X and S denoting the console versions are prominent in the bottom left of the box. The Series S box only seems to be a little smaller than the Series X box, though the discless console is quite a bit smaller than its higher-powered counterpart.

GameSpot recently got its hands on official mockups of both consoles–check out what we think of the size and shape here. The Xbox Series X will cost $499, while the Series S will cost $299 when they both are released on November 10. Check out everything you need to know about pre-ordering a new Xbox.


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