You Can Preorder A $10K Gold PS5 This Week


Let’s be honest: the design of the upcoming PS5 is divisive, to say the least. It’s huge, it’s white, and it looks a little bit like a device that would digitize your soul in a bad sci-fi movie. That said, if you’d prefer a more luxurious design, you’ll get your chance later this week. Just be advised that this could drain your bank account so you can’t actually play any games. You may also not have money left for food.

The previously-announced gold PS5 will soon be available for preorder from a third-party UK retailer, and the price tag is a whopping £7999 for the 18K rose-gold version and £8099 for the 24K gold version. (That’s around $10,500, if you’re wondering.) If you just want a part of the look, you can nab a gold PS5 controller for £649 and a headset for £399. Preorders will start today, September 10. That’s prior to the standard pre-orders for the PS5, which haven’t been made available yet.

Sony previously sold a gold-colored variant of the PS4. Of course, a console plated in gold is a very different (and much more expensive) thing. If the entire console were made of gold, it would certainly be more valuable. However, it would probably also not dissipate heat very well and you’d have a very, very expensive and strangely shaped brick.

For the rest of us plebs who can’t afford a solid-gold console, we still don’t know how much the PS5 is going to retail for, or even a specific release date beyond holiday 2020. The smaller Xbox Series S was confirmed for a $299 price point earlier today, but we still don’t know the price of the flagship Xbox Series X, though credible reports have suggested $499.

Sony also confirmed that the PS5 will be backward-compatible with PS4 games, though it seemingly will not be able to play games from previous generations beyond that. At least we’re getting that Demon’s Souls remake, so I can stop lugging my PS3 out of storage for that.

If you want to preorder a regular PS5, you can sign up on Sony’s website. A price for the system has not been announced yet, but it will, presumably, cost a lot less than this gold-plated variant.


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