Hyundai introduces the all new i30 Fastback


Following the introduction of the i30 in March 2017 and the i30 Tourer this month, Hyundai has unveiled the new i30 Fastback in the U.K.

After introducing the i30 in March and the i30 Tourer this month, Hyundai Motor Company has unveiled the i30 Fastback – the latest addition to the i30 range, available by the beginning of next year. The new body type reflects Hyundai’s design language while giving it a sophisticated twist with an elegant character. The i30 Fastback is characterised by its strong stance and sporty, elongated lines.

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The i30 Fastback is 30mm lower than the five-door body type, thanks to a lowered roof and chassis

The driving dynamics of the Hyundai i30 lineup are rigorously tested and refined by engineers at Hyundai’s European Testing Centre at the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit. The i30 Fastback reveals some significant differences compared with the other body types of the i30 range. In comparison to the i30 five-door version, the chassis of the i30 Fastback has been lowered by 5mm and the stiffness of the suspension has been increased by 15 percent.

The powertrain lineup of the i30 Fastback consists of two downsized turbocharged petrol engines, which are newly launched in the i30 range. Customers can choose between the 1.4 T-GDI turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 138bhp or the 1.0 T-GDI turbocharged three-cylinder engine with 118bhp (targeted fuel consumption for the Hyundai i30 Fastback range is 18.2km/L to 20km/L combined and targeted CO2 emissions are 125g/km to 115g/km).

The 1.4-litre T-GDI petrol engine is offered with a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, which gives a choice of fully automatic operation or manual gear changes. The 1.0 T-GDI is offered with the six-speed manual. All engines come standard with an Integrated Stop and Go system for increased efficiency.

The i30 Fastback’s powertrain lineup will be further expanded with the addition of a newly developed, efficient 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine available with two power outputs – a version with 108bhp and a ‘high power’ version with 134bhp. Both versions will be available with the six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch.

18 Jul 2017 | Foreign News : U.K.


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