10 Types of Outdoor Water Fountains


Choosing a fountain for your outdoor area can be tough. With so many different designs and styles to choose from, it’s hard to pick the perfect one! In this article, we are going to take a look at ten types of outdoor water fountains and how they operate. Always remember to measure your area first, and check the landscape so that you can find the correct size and style for you.


1. Bamboo Fountains (Japanese Fountains)

Initially designed by the Japanese to scare away deer and boars from gardens, these beautiful fountains can be the perfect addition to your Zen garden. Bamboo fountains offer a tranquil experience, as it breaks the silence of your garden. Bamboo fountains work by water filling up the bamboo rod, which then tips over, hitting the below rock/rod.


2. Wall Fountains

Don’t have an even enough landscape or vast enough space for a large fountain? Try a wall fountain. Wall fountains can come in a variety of styles and designs but generally come with a very classic approach. As long as you have a sturdy wall that is located near a water source, you are good to go. A little tip is to hide the pump behind some tall flowers or bushes underneath the wall.


3. Animal Fountains

Are you an animal lover? Then an animal fountain will be the perfect choice for you. There are many different styles and designs to cater to your garden’s needs. Big ones or small ones, the option is yours.


4. Solar Fountains

Wanting something environmentally friendly? Solar Fountains are the way to go! Solar fountains work by using the sun to power the pump and running water. These are great for saving electricity. However, the solar panel does come attached to the fountain, usually by a cord. Regardless, these fountains are becoming increasingly popular and can last all day and night.


5. Tiered Fountains

Tiered Fountains offer a classic and elegant approach to your garden and yard, and are one of the most famous fountains in the gardening world. Tiered fountains work by allowing the water to cascade down each layer, creating a soft trickling effect. These fountains are a perfect statement piece, and great for those with historic houses.


6. Bubbling Rock Fountains

After something a bit more simple? Then the bubbling rock fountain may be the one for you—these work by pushing the water out of the top of a small hole in the rock. The rock then bubbles away, allowing the water to trickle down the side, into a pool of stones or a pond below. This sound creates a calm environment, and you can even choose the style of rock, to suit the design of your garden.


7. Pondless Fountains

A pondless fountain, also known as a disappearing fountain, works by creating the illusion of a waterfall but without the pond. These are a great statement piece and will undoubtedly bring the wow factor to your garden.


8. Spouting Fountains

Spouting fountains can be both dramatic and straightforward, but offer a stunning effect and can come in a variety of different styles. They work by allowing water to be sprayed in a single direction and can even be used in an animal style fountain (coming from a frog’s mouth e.g.).


9. Swimming Pool Fountains

After a great showcase piece? If you have a swimming pool, then swimming pool fountains are the way to go. These come in a variety of designs and can make your yard the most pristine on the street. Pool fountains also have benefits for your pool, including keeping it cool and circulating your water.


10. Birdbath Fountains

Do you want to attract more birds to your home? Then birdbath fountains are the way to go. Similar to the tiered fountain design, the water trickles down from the top layer to the bottom, creating a perfect environment for those little birds to come and shower. You can sit by and watch them all day, as they stop for a bath in their new favorite spot.

By Nabeel Ali

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