20 DAILY Things to Keep Artistically Motivated

by AVA
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I recently wrote an article entitled “4 Ways To Stay Artistically Motivated”, and one of the four methods was “Do something creative daily.”

Although the overall feedback on the article was positive, many people expressed that they were challenged with being able to do something creative each day.

I’ve found 20 things that can “stir up your gift” or talent by doing any one of them on any given day to keep your creative momentum going:

1. Keep a sketchbook in the car with you (don’t draw and drive, though!)

2. Sketch passersby on your lunch break.

3. Sketch ideas during a meeting or discussion rather than words alone.

4. Do thumbnail sketches at will (some call it “doodling, we artists call it “sketching”).

5. Do rough drafts of a design that you’ve been thinking of.

6. Get a journal, record your “Brain Storms” as they hit you.

7. Write your thoughts about a project. Put on paper the idea that you’ve had for weeks.

8. Write outlines about the current or next project that’s in your head.

9. Blog about your current or upcoming project.

10. Read about a topic that you’re working on. Get a book about it or look it up online.

11. Look at magazines that have art images that inspire you.

12. Download a pod cast on your type of creative work.

13. Listen to your “theme music”, the music that pumps you up creatively.

14. Watch part of a movie that creatively inspires you (I’ve played key segments from the Star Wars saga many a Saturday to get me cranked up!)

15. Look through your old work or portfolio.

16. Find sketches or thumbnails of some of your completed work, sort of like a “before and after” or “The Making Of” experience.

17. Finish an unfinished sketch.

18. Frame one of your old unfinished works.

19. Take an old sketch and see how you can rework it.

20. Post an image on an Art forum to get constructive criticism.



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