4 Baby Shower Ideas Using Smurfs Party Supplies



There are a large number of baby showers that are planned for both the mother and father of the baby-to-be. They are referred to as a Jack and Jill baby shower. Also growing in popularity is allowing children to attend these baby showers, particularly those related to the baby-to-be.

So, why not throw a baby shower using Smurfs party supplies as a way of including these pint-sized guests? You could even go as far as bringing in a Smurfette costume for the new baby to wear, and maybe one for the mother also!

Here are four baby shower ideas using Smurfs party supplies:

  1. Create a diaper cake
    Rather than decorating the diaper cake using traditional baby shower decorations, use Smurf decorations. If you know the gender of the baby, you can focus the decorations on a particular male Smurf or Smurfette, in addition to using Smurfy blue ribbon, or pink ribbon to keep the diaper cake together. Try finding a smurf figurine to place on top of the diaper cake.
  2. Bake a Smurf themed baby shower cake
    The cake decorating section of most craft stores have character themed cake pans, so you might be able to find one there or special order one. Check online stores, as well. If you can’t find a character shaped cake pan, you can still use frosting to draw a picture of a Smurf on to a round layered cake or a sheet cake. Or, you could bake a cake similar to the diaper cake, and place Smurf figurines on the various layers as well as colored frosting.
  3. Have a costume party
    On the baby shower invitation, request that all the children in attendance dress in a Smurf or Smurfette costume. That way, the children can have their own version of the baby shower, and play games off to the side, in another room, or outside depending on the weather.Consider enlisting the help of a teen member of the family, or hire a babysitter to facilitate this portion of the party. That way, the adults in attendance can enjoy the baby shower without having to worry about if their children are up to no good or making mischief somewhere.
  4. Have a Santa-like surprise gift delivery
    After the mother-to-be (or both mom and dad) arrive at the baby shower, and everyone is enjoying some food (and the kids are being entertained), enlist the help of someone to deliver all the gifts.When guests arrive, ask them to drop the gifts into your garage, into a vehicle parked out the way, or in another hiding spot. Then, the helper can gather them into a bag and deliver them to the party. Ask this person to dress in a Smurf or Smurfette costume so it’s the same type of scene as someone dressed as Santa delivering Christmas gifts.

Don’t forget to serve food and drinks that are colored blue to further add to the Smurf themed baby shower. Have fun with this, and be as creative as you can with the Smurf party supplies. Use blue and white streamers, blue and white balloons, and blue and white table decorations.

If the baby-to-be is a girl, add some pink flowers, pink foiled candies, pink cupcakes, and other pink goodies. Try to balance the Smurf party supplies with the appropriate baby gender colors.



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