5 Tips How to Choose Cool Car for Students


For students, buying a car is a big deal. It’s a process with a vast number of options, but as a college attendee, there are also many factors outside the car you should consider. Budget is the starting and deciding point, but once established, there are car-related questions you’ll need to answer. Do you want big or small, sedan or SUV, fuel-efficient or electric vehicle? Will you drive your new car long distances, or it’s just for getting around the town? Will you consider used car, or you’re set on the new one? Car is a transportation vehicle in the first place, but for college students, it has to have at least a small cool factor. Choosing the right vehicle for students is a challenging task, and that is why we prepared 5 tips on how to choose a cool car for students.

Best tips for choosing student’s car

As if studying isn’t hard enough, throw selecting a car in the mix, and it can become intimidating. Student’s car needs some flair, a bit of show-off potential, but at the same time, it has to be affordable and dependable. Guys can really take their time and search the market in-depth and spend way too much time on the car. The first rule should be: don’t neglect academic life. College is expensive and the reason you’re on campus in the first place. It’s ok to find cheap reliable essay writing service and look for professional help if you lost track of time or you’re a student-athlete and have tight games schedule, but don’t make it a habit. Read our car buying tips, and save some of the precious college time.

Consider used cars

If you can afford a new car, that should be your first option. But utilized vehicles can be an excellent choice for several reasons. The first one is obvious, they cost less. You can get a car with more cool features for less money, then when buying a new one. Don’t buy old used cars. Try to find automobiles up to five years, and check the mileage, condition, and insurance options.

Fuel-efficient and green is the new cool

SUV is a popular choice, but in the age where young people engage in massive climate change protests, green cars are the new cool. Consider buying an electric vehicle, or hybrid. The next best thing is a petrol car with exceptional fuel efficiency. Diesel cars have the worst emission results but are very fuel-efficient. 

Check several dealers

Don’t go into the first dealership and buy. Car salesmen are crafty and can make you buy a car you didn’t consider so far. Go around a couple of car dealerships and narrow down your choices, and then try to negotiate with sales personnel.

Safety first

Every new generation of cars has some upgrades in security. Cameras, sensors, following the lines, crash prediction, and stopping are among new cool features. When buying a student car, safety should be pivotal. If you choose a used car, try to go with newer ones with more safety features.

Read or watch reviews

Read car authority magazines and watch YouTube car reviewers, so you can get the overall picture on your preferred choice. Hearing the quality arguments can be the tipping point to choose one over another car. 

Bottom line

No matter how many tips and tricks, reviews and other articles you read, don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family for advice. They may not agree with you on the engine size or overall choice of vehicle, but lifelong drivers can offer valuable insight on what to look for when buying a new car. Try to find the middle ground between a new ideal cool car, and the dependable, safe, the one you can afford. While we’re on the budget topic, compare prices between different dealerships, because they can vary substantially. You can do all the research in the world, but besides being the best on paper, the car should feel right. Before purchase, get the taste of the vehicle and schedule a test drive. 

Guest article written by Bobbie Sanchez, a seasoned professional freelancer with a passion for content creation. With automotive and technology background, he will deliver the same passion to a gadget review and tips and tricks type of articles. Years of experience as a highly-skilled freelance writer means he understands what it takes to make quality content, and it’s his mission to share his ability with others. 

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