All About Oil Painting Tips


Oil painting is a method of drawing the pictures using various oil paints available. It enterprises of wide range of procedures, so that excellent color painting can be obtained. Oil painting can be used either thickly or thinly in glazes, opaque or transparent. Unique techniques and tools are used to enhance good maritime paintings. Some of the tips offered to the artist who can make use for marine art.

* Generally, marine paintings can be drawn on the palette, so that the color can be chosen for drawing the picture. It is suggested for the people to start the oil painting with the acrylic under painting. Better start off with acrylic under painting so that it takes less time to dry and the oil paint can easily be applied over acrylic.

* The oil proportion in each subsequent layer must be increased, because the lower layer absorbs the oil from the upper layer. Adequate proportion of oil layer must be initiated to enhance excellent oil painting to the customer. Usually most of the artist use different types of oil proportion as per their requirement.

* Make sure that the color chosen for drawing are unique and excellent. Huge number of colors is available and the people can choose the best which meets their requirements exactly without any inference. Also consider that the pigment mixed with oil will quickly dries from the surface.

* Pigments containing lead, manganese helps to dry faster. It helps to mix the color with them, so that the pigments mixed with colors will dry faster without consuming much time. This method is best for under layers and for beginners, they can start up with this alternative.

* Make use of linseed oil for under painting. Even for any other oil painting, the bottom layers can be used with linseed oil, because it dries thoroughly of all oils used as mediums.

From older days till now, oil painting fetches more demand in the market. The prices charged for the pictures depend upon the quality, theme and class of the maritime painting offered. Different types of techniques and tools are used by the people with the help of pigments mixing oil towards it. In most of the nautical antiques, different variety of paintings will be available and the people interested can buy the best which meets their demand exactly. When proper tips are used in oil painting, excellent marine art can be obtained.



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