Alleged leak says Philips may be planning to enter the RAM market

Alleged leak says Philips may be planning to enter the RAM market

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Rumor mill: Philips is best known for making consumer electronics, like smart light bulbs, TVs, sound systems, and more. However, it would seem the company wants to expand its business even further. According to some allegedly-leaked pictures taken from the BoardChannels message board, Philips is working on PC and laptop memory kits.

According to Tom’s Hardware, the RAM kits will come in at least two capacities, including 8GB and 32GB modules. The site says both DDR4 and DDR5 versions will exist. If Philips aims to target gamers, a 16GB kit would also be a sensible choice, though we have no evidence of such an offering.

In terms of RAM speeds, the 32GB DDR5 Philips kit looks to be clocked at 4800MHz, whereas the lower-capacity DDR4 version comes in at 2666MHz.

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It isn’t entirely clear why Philips would want to sell PC memory, of all things. They’d be competing with countless other firms, many of which have a far longer history of shipping (mostly) reliable RAM kits to their customers. If you’re a DIY PC builder looking to pick up some RAM for a new system, which company are you going to go with: one with years of experience in the market, or a new, untested player?

Perhaps Philips aims to offer lower prices or some other value proposition to entice consumers — or maybe they’re simply banking on their brand recognition to get sales.

2022 03 14 Image 32

As interesting as this news is, we advise our readers to maintain a healthy amount of skepticism. We were unable to access BoardChannels ourselves, and the second photo above was obviously manipulated in an image editing program. Whether that’s because it’s an official placeholder product photo or evidence of a fake, we cannot say for certain. The first image looks much more convincing.

In either case, it’ll be interesting to see how Philips’ new offerings perform on the market. If this leak is legitimate, an official reveal will likely come sooner rather than later. In the meantime, we’ll be reaching out to the company for comment on these rumors.

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