AMD launches a range of bicycles

AMD launches a range of bicycles

by Emily Smith
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In conjunction with AMD Fan Store, AMD is now selling, well, bikes. A mountain bike and a more casual bike to be exact, for those keen to demonstrate their CPU allegiance, even when they’re cycling around the local area.

The AMD Fan Store has been around for a while, mostly selling hoodies, snapback caps, t-shirts, and water bottles. After all, who can resist a Radeon or Ryzen themed t-shirt? Now, the store and AMD has gone one step further by introducing bicycles to the collection. Two, to be exact. 

There’s the AMD Custom Cruiser Bicycle with an 18.5″ frame, 26″ aluminium wheels, a saddle with double shock-absorbing springs, mudguards on both wheels, a pedal with a brake and a choice of a white or black frame. As it sounds, it’s a little basic given the lack of gears and only a basic brake. 

If you want something a bit more competent, there’s also the AMD Custom Mountain Bike. It has an 18.5″ frame with dual suspension system, 21 gears (with a Shimano gearbox), 26″ aluminium wheels, handlebar twist shifters, front and rear brakes, and a choice of black or white frame. You also get the further option of black or orange wheels too. 

Whichever bike you choose, there’s a bold and prominent AMD logo on the frame and the handlebars utilise Ryzen’s signature colours. 

Both bikes are priced at $299 with a $50 shipping fee. Bad luck though, most of the world. The shipping only covers the United States for now. There’s no news on whether it’ll expand further afield. 

While we’re not bike experts by any means, we can’t see this impressing bike enthusiasts massively, but then it’s unlikely that they were looking towards the likes of AMD for their next purchase. 

It’s also probably never occurred to you to buy a bicycle from your favourite hardware manufacturer. It’s certainly never come to mind for us. Still, now you can, perhaps this will be your calling. Bear in mind the Cruiser is aimed at casual cyclists while the Mountain Bike is more for those that know exactly what they’re doing. We’re not entirely sure why the pricing remains the same for both but then again, admittedly, we’re not entirely sure why AMD has decided to launch its own range of bikes. 

Still, it’s one way to make sure it’s doing something a bit different, right? We really hope it features in some kind of market share report further down the line. 

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