“Aquaman” Sequel Boasts Innovative VFX

“Aquaman” Sequel Boasts Innovative VFX

by Sue Jones
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James Wan’s “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” isn’t out until December, but one of the film’s co-stars Patrick Wilson has been talking up the movie’s visual effects.

Wilson, who plays King Orm in the DC franchise, tells Collider he thinks the franchise has found its niche and so intends to follow through on the things that led the first “Aquaman” film to such success:

“So you take those things that you think people responded to, even if it was, “Oh my God, can you believe they did that?” Yeah, we did that. Now we’re going to do more of that. I think we found our niche.

I think DC has found their way to understand where each movie can fit, even in a multiverse, which is so overused now, as a term.

Clearly the movie went beyond a fanboy demographic, because it made whatever; billion dollars, right? So that affords you a freedom of, ‘You know what? Let’s keep it fun. Let’s make it fun.’”

He goes on to say the movie not only has an important message, but some big VFX advances over the last one:

“We push all the fighting and the stunts… we’ve used crazy techniques between us and The Flash that have never been used before. So all these new VFX techniques that we’re using.”

Jason Momoa, Amber Heard and Yahya Abdul Mateen II are all returning while Pilou Asbæek joins the cast for the new film. “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” will open on December 16th.

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