Asus announces lineup of gaming equipment at Meta Buffs online event

Asus announces lineup of gaming equipment at Meta Buffs online event

by Emily Smith
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Asus has announced an all-new lineup of gaming gear at its Meta Buffs online launch event, including gaming monitors, a new keyboard, wireless mouse and more.

First up was a showcasing of the ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN and PG259QNR monitors which promise up to 50 percent more frames per second than 240Hz. We already took a brief look at this after the PG259QN’s announcement last month and it’s certainly technically impressive, although possibly overkill for most players. 

Where things get a little more interesting is that the PG259QNR offers Reflex Latency Analyzer – a system that Asus calls revolutionary due to its ability to detect clicks coming from your mouse before measuring the time it takes for the resulting pixels to change on screen. Essentially, it should mean a faster response all-round which should appeal to those keen to have nothing to blame but their own reactions, not their PC’s. 

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Continuing the gaming theme, Asus also unveiled the ROG Strix Scope RX – the first technical RGB gaming keyboard to debut Asus’s ROG RX Red Optical Mechanical Switches. They’re the first mechanical switches out there to feature a hollow-square stem design with embedded RGB LEDs. Asus believes the unique design delivers a “near-zero debounce delay” so the key is instantly activated when you tap it. In a similar vein, there was also the ROG Keris wireless mouse which again aims to be super sensitive and responsive.

The mouse has a high-speed sensor tuned by ROG so that it can offer 16,000 dpi sensitivity, 400 its and 40 g acceleration so it should be exceptionally precise. There’s also the option of using it wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired USB, depending on your needs. The mouse only weighs 79 grams and provides increased grip comfort which is sure to be useful too.

In all these cases, it’ll be useful to see reviews and real-world experience but for now, this latest wave of Asus products seems rather promising indeed if you’re keen to have the edge throughout your online gaming experience, or you simply hate to feel like your equipment is letting you down. It seems like it’s cementing Asus’s reputation when it comes to offering premium gaming gear which we’ve also seen with recent news of its RTX 30 series of GPUs. The main focus there is on exceptional cooling compared to the competition thanks to the use of additional cooling fans. 

For all these products, expect pricing details to arrive nearer to launch day which Asus has said will be in Q4 this year. 

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