Austin Butler Up For Feyd In “Dune: Part Two”

Austin Butler Up For Feyd In “Dune: Part Two”

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Austin Butler Up For Feyd In Dune Part Two
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Austin Butler, soon to be seen leading Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic, is reportedly in negotiations to star in the key role of Feyd-Rautha in Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune: Part Two” at Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary.

The former “The Shannara Chronicles” and “Switched at Birth” actor who has appeared in such films as “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and “The Dead Don’t Die,” would take on the role of the cunning nephew of Baron Harkonnen who is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Musician Sting played the role in the 1984 David Lynch film while Matt Keeslar slipped off his shirt for the part in the 2000 mini-series version.

Feyd is one of three key roles from the book that wasn’t incorporated into Villeneuve’s 2021 film which adapted only the first half of the book’s narrative. The two other key roles are Emperor Shaddam IV and his daughter Princess Irulan. Florence Pugh is said to be in talks for the latter role.

Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson and Javier Bardem among others are expected to return for the new film which aims to begin shooting this Summer ahead of an October 2023 release.

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