Carpet Dyeing: An Inexpensive Option To Replacing Your Carpets



Have you been thinking about replacing your stained and faded carpet? If your carpet is otherwise in good condition, consider having your stains removed and carpet dyed by a carpet care professional.

Many consumers don’t know that apartment property managers and commercial building managers have been dyeing carpets for years. Here are a few basics to see if your carpet is a candidate for dyeing.

First, you will need to find out if the carpet is nylon or wool. Remove a few strands of fiber and place in a glass or ceramic bowl. Add a few drops of household bleach and wait about fifteen minutes. If the fibers turn lighter the carpet is most likely nylon or wool and can be dyed.

Exposure to sunlight can change the color of carpet over time. Sun or fume fading of nylon or wool carpets can be repaired fairly easily. This is called color repair.

Next, you need to determine if the carpet stains can be removed. It helps to know what originally stained the carpet. Some stains can be lightened to almost invisible and some are permanent.

One way to avoid having to decide how the carpet was stained is to be willing to have the carpet dyed a darker color. Most commercial managers opt for this solution. Carpet can only be dyed darker, never lighter. Unlike paint that conceals what is underneath, carpet dye is transparent. The color of the carpet dye combines with the current color of the carpet and creates a new third color. It is similar to a watercolor painting. Each color adds to the next.

Having your carpet dyed by a professional generally runs about a dollar a square foot. To find a carpet dye professional near you, look in your local phone book under carpet dyers. If there are none, look at the carpet cleaning ads to see if they do carpet dyeing or color repair. The carpet care professionals that advertise membership in a skill organization are more likely to have been trained in color repair.

Stained and faded carpets can be an eye sore. Having your carpet professionally dyed is a money saving option to purchasing new carpets.



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