Clooney’s “Paradise” Shuts Down For Months


Clooneys Paradise Shuts Down For Months
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Just two weeks from completion, the George Clooney and Julia Roberts-led rom-com “Ticket to Paradise” has shut down production in Queensland, Australia with both actors having reportedly flown back to the United States.

Ol Parker helms the film about two divorced parents who rush to Bali to stop their teenage daughter from rushing into an unwise marriage, like their own.

The filming halt is due to a serious COVID outbreak in Queensland with local reports indicating the shooting won’t resume for at least three months. The production kicked off last year and was using the Whitsunday Islands standing in for Bali, along with locations on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Despite one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, the easily transmissible omicron variant has hit Australia hard in terms of the number of people infected.

Universal has the film set for an October release, but the production halt could see that delayed.

Source: Variety

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