Consider Buying a Portable Drafting Table If You Are Tight on Space

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A drafting table, also called a drawing table or drawing board, portable drafting table, is a multipurpose table used by artists, architects, designers and students that is used for crafts, drawing, writing, model building or sketching. Any type of contractor also uses a drafting table to read blueprints when estimating jobs. These tables have been around for hundreds of years and were mainly used for architectural drafting back before computers took over that task. The size of the drafting table was big so as to accommodate the large sheets of drawing paper used to make the plans of a building. There are many different types of drafting tables on the market such as wood, metal or portable drafting tables.

Drafting tables back in the day were actually considered pieces of furniture. Craftsman made them from oak and attached brass fittings. They were considered pride possession. As time moved forward, manufacturers continued to make strong tables from oak and they came with adjustable top boards. You could lay the board down like a flat table or you could adjust the table top at a specific angle to alleviate strain on your back.

Today, wood drafting tables are still popular. Tables are still made from oak and some can be made to order for your unique specifications. Some tables today can also incorporate your computer screen to combine the latest technology with old drawing habits. Drawing tables also come in many different sizes. They can come with a 31 "x 42" or a 36 "x 48" top. Larger sizes are available.

Contemporary drawing tables are usually made from steel tubing. The metal frame gives the table much strength and is stronger then the wood framed tables. Metal framed tables are also lighter than the wood tables. This is good if you have to move the table around. The tabletop board surface is made from compressed fiberboard with a smooth, laminate surface attached. The top board is installed with screws to the metal frame. These table tops can be unscrewed for transportation.

A board cover is placed over the wood table top. The board cover is made from thin vinyl and is usually colored a light green or beige. This vinyl cover will optimize the surface for the pen or pencil drawing. Also, the wood surface is protected from damage from indentations and scratches from the tools used. Boards also come with attached pencil trays and a pencil catcher at the bottom.

Maybe you do not want a large bulky table in you home office or away office. Architects, students and engineers may need to bring a portable drafting table on the job site or project. Of course you can not bring that big, bulky table with you. A portable drawing table may be something to consider. These tables have a convenient carrying handle and dual locking knobs that allows you to align the straightedge or change the angles quickly. They are lightweight for transportability and can go anywhere you want to draw. It can conveniently be taken from one place to another and are ready-to-use everywhere and anywhere. They usually sit on top of another table and you can adjust the angle of the board easily.

Before you purchase your drawing board, check out the many reviews and websites on line to fine the best possible deal. Also consider where you will want to use the drafting table and how movable you want it to be. Measure the space you have and find the appropriate size.



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