“Dead Space” Remake Early Dev Clip

“Dead Space” Remake Early Dev Clip

by Sue Jones
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Dead Space Remake Early Dev Clip

Game developers Motive Studio have shown off some very early development footage from the “Dead Space” remake as part of a developers showcase earlier today.

Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola and Senior Producer Phillippe Ducharme discussed the project, saying the plan is to remain faithful to the horror aesthetic of the original no matter what. The footage showed vast improvements in lighting, textures and volumetric fog among other things.

Gunner Wright, who voiced Isaac Clarke in the sequels, will return to reprise his role for some new dialogue in the game. The original kept Isaac entirely silent even when it seemed odd he didn’t speak.

The remake won’t have a particularly talkative Isaac, but he will reply to characters or speak up in certain situations. He will remain mostly quiet in order to keep the spooky atmosphere of the game.

The “Dead Space” remake is due out sometime next year on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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