Dell’s new XPS desktop is a performance powerhouse with Intel’s Alder Lake CPU and DDR5

Dell’s new XPS desktop is a performance powerhouse with Intel’s Alder Lake CPU and DDR5

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Something to look forward to: Following months of anticipation, Intel today revealed its 12th generation Alder Lake CPUs. Set to launch next week, OEMs have begun announcing PCs that will incorporate the processor, with Dell one of the first to unveil such a system. The new XPS desktop will feature various next-gen performance technologies, as well as improved cooling architecture.

Dell’s new XPS desktop will be 42 percent larger than its predecessor—27L vs. 19L—and comes with Alder Lake processors (up to i9). The system is compatible with next-generation DDR5 memory, which offers 50 percent faster clock speed than DDR4, joined by PCIe Gen5 graphics technology.

In terms of GPUs, customers can choose from either the Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series (up to a 3090) or the AMD Radeon RX lineup—up to a 6900 XT.

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The desktop is more than 50 percent quieter under load when compared to previous generations. Dell achieved this by redesigning the thermal architecture to improve performance and lightening the acoustics by increasing airflow.

The system is also up to 21 percent cooler under load, allowing the desktop to operate more efficiently at slower speeds. New high RPM fans—up to 5,000 RPM—further helps the system run quieter.

Keeping its customers that want to upgrade in the future in mind, Dell built a tool-less entry chassis, allowing users to easily upgrade the CPU, GPU, memory, and storage for upcoming technology.

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To make the system look less like a PC and more like a natural object, Dell opted for a simple grid pattern that blends in with your desk and its surroundings. It also embraces a cleaner approach for access ports in terms of design.

Dell’s new XPS is scheduled for a launch sometime later this fall and will come with Windows 11. Pricing starts at $919. Buyers can choose from light and dark colors, which includes Night Sky and an all-aluminum Platinum Silver option. The latter model will come with a pair of aluminum feet situated on the base.

Elsewhere, Dell announced that the Alienware Aurora R13 gaming PC, which comes equipped with Alder Lake, is now available at a starting price of $1,479. The Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14 was also released today, with pricing starting at $1,249.

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