Dennis Rodman Bender Becomes A Film

Rodman Bender To Become A Film
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Dennis Rodman’s legendary 48-hour party bender in Las Vegas in 1998 during the NBA Finals is set to become a feature film at Lionsgate.

At the time Rodman was a star player for the Chicago Bulls and asked his coach Phil Jackson if he could take a 48-hour vacation in Las Vegas in the middle of the NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz.

Jackson consented and a sports legend was born with this movie set to take its own path with the story. We will follow Rodman and his anxious assistant GM as they develop an unexpected friendship amid the player’s Sin City revelry.

“The Mitchells vs. The Machines” and “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller will produce “48 Hours in Vegas” alongside Aditya Sood. Rodman himself will executive produce.

Jordan VanDina (“The Binge”) will write the screenplay, and no actors are attached at present.

Source: Variety

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