Dropbox is launching a free version of its password manager in April, but with restrictions

Bottom line: Regardless of whether you use Dropbox, LastPass or any of the other major alternatives, using a password manager is generally a good idea. Such apps and services promote the use of strong passwords and unique credentials for each site or service you use while reducing the chances of you getting locked out of an account by forgetting login details.

Dropbox in the spring of 2020 launched a password manager in beta, eventually rolling it out to paying customers over the summer. Now, the file hosting service is bringing the feature to all users, albeit with a catch.

The Dropbox Passwords app works just like any other major password manager, remembering usernames and passwords across all of your devices so you don’t have to. And starting in April, those with a free Dropbox Basic plan will be able to try a limited version of the app.

The freebie version will let users store up to 50 passwords and sync them across three devices. Dropbox is planning to allow users to securely share passwords with others, but the company didn’t put a timetable on when this extra feature would land.

Last month, rival password manager LastPass announced that starting March 16, free tier users would only be able to use the service on one category of device – either mobile devices or computers.

Images courtesy Nopparat Khokthong, Vitalil Vodolazskyi

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