EA is reportedly considering turning Battlefield 2042 into a free-to-play model

EA is reportedly considering turning Battlefield 2042 into a free-to-play model

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In context: By now, you’re probably aware that Battlefield 2042 didn’t meet fan or sales expectations. The game’s launch was rough, and two months after, things haven’t gotten much better as the player base drops steadily. However, EA hasn’t quit on the game yet, as they’re reportedly evaluating options, including changing the game into a free-to-play model.

Two months after being considered one of the worst-rated titles of all time on Steam, Battlefield 2042 remains at the bottom of Steam user ratings despite DICE launching various patches to fix the game. Sure, they brought noticeable gameplay improvements, like better hit detection, nerfs to vehicles, and other welcome additions. However, they don’t pack any groundbreaking new features to impress players.

Besides introducing weekly missions, some skins (that people are not happy with), fixes, and QOL adjustments, the game remains mostly the same. Since its launch, no new gameplay content has been added, making players discontent with their purchase, leading many to refund the game or just stop playing it altogether.

EA is reportedly evaluating its options to fight the decreasing player base and interest in the game. One such idea is to turn it into a free-to-play title “in some capacity.”

EA is reportedly very disappointed with how Battlefield 2042 has performed and is “looking at all the options” when it comes to the title, this is including looking at Free to Play in some capacity.

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Drastic measures such as these are not entirely unusual. Not long ago, we witnessed PUBG: Battlegrounds moving to a free-to-play model, compensating those who’ve bought the game when it was still available for purchase. If EA and DICE make BF 2042 a free-to-play game, it will make sense to do something similar for those who paid for it.

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Battlefield 2042 is currently available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC through Steam and EA Play/Origin starting at $59.99 (last-gen versions and PC) and $69.99 (current-gen versions).

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