EA Play: “GRID Legends,” “Battlefield: Portal”

EA Play: “GRID Legends,” “Battlefield: Portal”

by Sue Jones
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Ea Play Grid Legends Battlefield Portal

As part of Thursday’s EA Play Live event, developer Codemasters revealed the trailer for its newest entry in the “GRID” racing series, with “GRID Legends” hitting PlayStation, Xbox, and PC sometime in 2022.

The trailer centers on more cinematic and narrative aspects of the title as three main characters seem to be battling it out to be the best driver.

The races in the game are reportedly multiclassification competitions, allowing compact cars to race against giant big rigs. Locations include Alpina, Moscow, and London, with more to come.

That’s not all though as “Battlefield Portal” was also announced – a mode for the upcoming “Battlefield 2042” built around user-generated content.

All seven maps from the base 2042 game, along with six maps from classic “Battlefield” titles will be featured and can be remixed by customizing modes, settings, along with weapons, soldiers, and other content pulled from older games like “Battlefield 1942,” “Bad Company 2,” and “Battlefield 3”.

There’s also a logic editor (but no map editing) and user creations can be uploaded so others can play them. “Battlefield Portal” will launch alongside “Battlefield 2042” on October 22nd.

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