Face Painting For Easter – Kids Love Easter Face Painting Designs

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Kids love to color eggs for Easter. Why not color your kids too! Face painting is a great Easter activity – and the kids will love it! There are plenty of face painting designs that are perfect for the Easter holiday.

Getting Started

Face painting is fun for both kids and adults. If you are new to face painting, start with a few simple designs and practice those designs before adding more designs to your collection. Good starting designs for Easter include easter eggs (decorated with any design and multiple colors), bunnies (initially, you can focus on the head and ears to keep things simple), bunny paw prints, and more! Use your imagination and lots of colors. You can easily create dozens of different easter egg designs by using combinations of different colors, straight lines, wavy lines, dots, and other shapes.

Get the Kids Involved

Let the kids help decide what they want in their face painting. The kids can pick the design and their favorite colors for that design, then you do the rest. Kids enjoy the process of selecting a design and getting their face painted as well as showing-off their beautiful design.

If you want to do something really special, have the kids decorate an Easter egg using their favorite colors and designs. Then, paint a similar Easter egg on their face – now the kids have matching pairs of personalized Easter eggs!

Have Fun

Don’t take face painting too seriously. If you have fun, the kids will too. If you make a mistake, try to “work around” your mistake, or simply re-draw that portion of the image. Keep practicing, your skills will improve quickly.

Make your Easter holiday special for yourself and your kids by adding a face painting activity.



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