Fantasy Art – How to Draw Fantasy Art From Your Imagination



Fantasy art is a very popular art form for some, as the imagination is the key to making this art form work for the artist; it can be a successful way of bringing to life ideas and concepts that an artist draws regularly or just a hobby that they enjoy. The processes of drawing fantasy art are not at all complex or far out of reach, but there are a few ways to make sure that what ever you draw that they are the best that you could ever find out how .

First establishing your base of drawing, a place that you are comfortable with to create your art, a desk, a chair, a drawing board, whatever you feel is right to help relax you to draw more of your favorite fantasy worlds and characters.

Quite possibly, your workspace is the most important of the things you need to get right, as a good working atmosphere helps your mind focus on the hours ahead with sketching and concept building. So organizing your art materials and equipment should be a priority, even long after drawing has finished, everything should have it's place for the ease of finding your pencils and other equipment.

Now a great deal of time will be taken up by quick sketching and finishing drawings, so an investment in time and to be able to put yourself into that mindset of being prepared to sit at a desk or drawing board for hours on end. However, if you love drawing then you will want to draw for hours anyway, no matter what.

And also there is a requirement for the use of reference material to be inspired for drawing more ideas, every artist needs visual cues to build up the motivation and inspiration, it is there, essential that you have some files of good solid reference material at your disposal, your favorite comic books and other written literature are good sources of influence for your work, as are your favorite professional fantasy artists.

A great deal of imagination and planning goes into the creation of fantasy world concepts, and it is recommended that you seek out all available information about how to draw certain things and that could be from multiple sources, as you can learn a lot from different tutorials and how to articles written by different authors, also the examples will be of varying quality, so you will gain a full range of technical understanding of the drawing process through any artist you study.

Imaginative fantasy art all starts with the sketching process, starting to sketch is a start, much like writing, you need to put in the effort to make some ideas drawn down on the paper, Fantasy art, is about seeing and creating what you can imagine , so never mind reading this go and create to be inspired and imagine your fantasy world is real for it to exist in your own mind so that your creations become fixed in time.



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